Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Tackling the outbreak.

We understand that this is a very uncertain time for us all. The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our number one priority. Since the first news of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been working tirelessly to continue providing a high quality and safe learning experience ensuring protective measures are in place for all of our courses nationwide.


Our bookings are protected from cancellations related to COVID-19. Your money is safe, if required we will reschedule your booking for free.


We will be monitoring the situation as it evolves, closely following government and health authority guidelines and will update on any further developments as and when we have them.

Price Match Guarantee

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What is Hurak’s Price Match Guarantee?

As customers, when purchasing an item, sometimes we can find ourselves in a rather tricky situation. For example, has this ever happened to you, that you’re shopping on the internet or at the mall and find Company A which is very professional and is providing an excellent service or product but Company B, who you haven’t really heard much about, are providing the same service or product at a cheaper price. In situations like these we’re usually left with two options:

  • A.   Pay a higher price, but get a quality product, OR
  • B.   Go for the cheaper company but compromise on quality.

Either way, regardless of our choice, we feel like we’ve lost-out and we think to ourselves, “what if we got the better service from the better company but at the cheaper price, wouldn’t life be great?”

Hurak’s Price Match Guarantee tackles this issue and provides you with Option C:

  • C.   Pay the lowest price and get the best service in the industry.

We do this by promising to meet or beat any of our competitor’s prices, ensuring that our loyal customers remain loyal ????.

We know searching the internet for the best price can be frustrating and time-consuming, this process can be made easier through our price match promise. Now you can shop with ease knowing we’ve got your back.

How to request a Price Match?

In order to request a price match for one of our courses, all you need to do is:

  • 1.   Email us at with a proof of the exact same course being offered at a lower price by one of our competitors.

    The proof needs to be in the form of one of the following:

    • •   An invoice from another training provider that states the payable amount for that same like-for-like course.
    • •   An email confirmation from another training provider that states the course name, the services offered within the course, (i.e. training fee, examination and certification fee etc.) client’s name, and the amount payable for the course.

    You can also refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information on this.

  • 2.   Wait for one of our team members to get back to you. This could take approximately one working day.
  • 3.   Get a confirmation from our team after they have reviewed the proof that you have presented.
  • 4.   Book the course with us at a reduced price!

Hurak will ensure that once your request is reviewed, whatever decision is made, it is one that is beneficial for all parties involved.

Understanding the difference between pre-sale and post-sale price match

Pre-sale price match is when a customer presents the company with proof of a lower price by their competitor and then the company agrees to offer that particular course to that customer at a reduced price.

Post-sale price match is when the company refunds the customer the difference between what they paid and the lower price that they found, after the purchase has been carried out.

At this moment in time, Hurak only offers its customers a pre-sale price match guarantee. The steps on how to request a pre-sale price match are detailed above.

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