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Applying for an SIA Licence can be very difficult and frustrating at times, we're here to help!

Below you will find all the relevant information required to completing an SIA application. Hopefully by the time you have finished reading the information you'll be an expert at applying and will be able to help all your friends and family who were facing the same problem as you.

Applying for an SIA Licence

It normally takes around 25 working days for each SIA application to be processed, however, complex applications, for example, for those who require overseas criminality checks, may take longer than this period. Please note that this time starts only when a successfully completed SIA Licence application form is received by the SIA (the SIA will write to the candidate to confirm that they have received a correctly-completed application). It usually takes around five working days for a correctly completed application to be checked and scanned into the SIA's system. The SIA will then decide on whether to issue a licence or not and will write explaining their decision and successful candidates will be issued with a licence valid for three years.


To learn more about the documents that are accepted when applying for an SIA application click here. Please keep in mind that you are required to present two identity documents from the Group A list or one identity document from the Group A list and two documents from the Group B list.


If you are applying for an SIA Licence for the first time, you will need to click on the button below and complete the form on the SIA website. When the form is submitted, you can take your identity documents to one of many Post Offices in the UK that offer this service to complete your application.The Post Office will verify your documents (these will be returned to you immediately and do not need be sent to the SIA), take a digital photograph and electronic signature, process your payment and finally forward the application to the SIA.


If you are renewing your SIA Licence the fastest and easiest way would be to use the SIA's telephone service.

Online Application Service

The online application form for an SIA Licence can be complex and lengthy for some, so we advise that if you are not familiar with this process or on how to use a computer very well you can book an appointment with us by calling us on 0203 620 1121 and we can apply on your behalf. We charge £50 for this service.

Get in Touch

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Or call us: 0333 344 1293

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